The admin fee covers the costs associated with investigating and informing the authority that had the vehicle when the incident occurred. It also covers processing and billing costs. If you have additional questions or concerns, please call us at (619) 734-8673. To pay for a ticket click here.

Every entrance and exit on these roads have signs posted that state that you are entering a toll lane. Flashing lights and signs are typically located throughout various sections of these highways as well. Additionally, Google Maps and other navigation systems usually advise users if they’re currently on a toll road or will be entering one soon.

People typically use Express Lanes to avoid traffic. Use of these lanes requires that you pay a fee. The fee can usually be paid for online. HOV lanes are carpool lanes that are free of charge. There are specific guidelines you must follow to use HOV lanes.

These types of tolls are electronic. These roads have cameras that digitally scan car license plates and then issue electronic tolls. Every entrance and exit on these roads have signs posted that state that you are entering a toll lane.

You can pay for a current invoice on our website by clicking here and entering your Ticket ID number, or you can pay over the phone by calling us at (619) 734-8673. If you choose not to pay the penalties, fines for evasion will be accrued and added to the original amount as time passes.

The email we sent you includes detailed information about the date, time, and location of the incident. Paper copies of toll violation notices are generally not available as we typically only receive electronic notifications. Electronic notifications help reduce paperwork processing times as well as time delays in general.

We depend on toll agencies and the government for all of the information we receive regarding tolls, parking violations, and moving violations. In most cases, it usually takes one to four weeks to receive this information. However, in some circumstances, it may take longer. Our main goal is to notify you as soon as possible. Under the terms and conditions in your rental agreement, you are responsible for all costs and fines incurred while driving the vehicle, as well as the administrative fee we charge for processing and billing.

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